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June 30, 2016

MACE Springs is President’s Distinguished 2015-16

"All is well that ends well" – William Shakespeare. From a strong beginning with few speed bumps during mid of the term 2015-16 to a tremendous 9 DCP, MACE Springs has seen the ups and downs. Today, we celebrate its success as a team effort.

We, The President – TM Rajalakshmi R and VP Education – TM Sujatha Elangovan of MACE Springs toastmasters club takes this opportunity to thank each one of the members for having contributed to achieving this goal. It would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of the ExCom and the hard work and enthusiasm of MACE members.

This thank you note wouldn't be complete unless we thank TM Alka Kumra for her emphatic Mentorship, DTM Noor Mohammed for giving us direction and motivation when we needed it the most. Unstinted co-operation and support by DTM John Joseph, and TM Subalakshmi, IPP for her support and encouragement.

We would like to thank,
DTM Noor Mohammad, TM Binoy Sebastian (ACB), TM Priya Sara Chandy (CC), TM Rajalakshmi (CC) for paving a way for this success by completing their education tracks.

TM Sudharsana Jeyaraman, TM Faseela Moidunny, TM Kapil Kumra and TM Priya Sara Chandy kept the Mace Springs’ flag flying high at the DTAC, Division and Area Contests.

TM Murtuza Bagichawala, TM Sarrah Saifee, TM Amr Awad, TM Prabath Prabhakar for their enthusiastic participation throughout the year and the newcomers’ TM Gayatri Ravindran, TM Tabassum Ali and TM Hagar Ehab were the source of encouragement for everyone in the club.

Area Director, TM Naseema Khan, who constantly followed-up with our progress and helped us with suggestions. Our Division Governor, DTM Charles Pinho who is always inspiring us to be better people.

Last but not the least, fellow toastmasters of other clubs in Kuwait - TM Mannan Sanjeliwala, TM Ali Asgar Patrawala, TM Jumana Dalal, TM Zenab Baniyan, TM Yusuf Baniyan, TM Shabeer Suthariya, TM Ramanujam Sathyamurthy, DTM Anil Lobo, TM Xavier Muthu, DTM Wafaa Salman, TM Sindumol - thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting us and cherishing friendship.

I, Rajalakshmi will be ever so grateful to TM Sujatha Elangovan, VP Education for her dedication and guidance. You have always been at your best at every step of the way.

Rajalakshmi R – President, MACE Springs, 2015-2016,
Sujatha Elangovan – VP Education, MACE Springs, 2015-2016.

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Noor is a passionate Toastmaster who is a member since 2013. He takes care of the technical and IT aspects of the club. His interests are teaching, programming and reading. When he is not involved with work or Toastmasters he spends his time with his family.